GO Wadsworth

GO Wadsworth seeks to help our community become healthier and more active.  The Village of Wadsworth has partnered with the Lake County Health Department to promote physical activity and community engagement through the medium of 30-minute walks as a means to improve one’s health.

Benefits of walking include: improves mood; maintains a healthy weight; strengthens bones and muscles; improves balance and coordination; and, improves sleep.

For the many resident walkers who participated in our “GO Wadsworth” program in 2019 on Wednesdays during our weekly Farmer's Markets, we walked around Wadsworth Community Park numerous times with our families, friends and neighbors - all in a concerted effort to make our community healthier and more active. 

The adults and children who participated in our walks received free blue “GO Wadsworth” T-shirts, and they wore this promotional clothing in an effort to encourage others to join our local chapter of this county-wide walking program which encompasses over 20 communities.

Even though our Market has ended, our “Go Wadsworth” walking program continues through November 30 since the importance of regular exercise also continues, no matter the season or outside temperature.

Accordingly, the Village encourages you to participate in the Lake County Forest Preserve District’s HIKE LAKE COUNTY CHALLENGE, a free program that is open to all ages. No prior registration is required.

To meet this Challenge, a number of trails of varying distances are available throughout all of Lake County, including within our neighboring Van Patten Woods. And, for some of these hikes, on Sundays, a naturalist will be present to provide a guided walking nature tour.

Note that “GO Wadsworth” T-shirts are still available at the Wadsworth Village Hall. Please come on by, pick up a shirt, grab a friend or family member, and then wear these shirts - proudly representing your hometown, as you hike the designated Forest Preserve’s trails in conjunction with the GO Wadsworth walking initiative movement.

Special Note:
The GO initiative was founded by the Gurnee Park District in 2016 and adopted by Live Well Lake County. It was inspired by a presentation and physical activity challenge from the former Surgeon General, Vivek K. Murthy.

GO events or programs are open to everyone in Lake County. Over 20 communities have partnered to create walking opportunities for children and adults. Grab a friend or family member and visit a local park or walking trail.  Click here for more information.

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