Code Enforcement

The Village of Wadsworth and the Village of Beach Park entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement in which Code Enforcement Services are provided to Wadsworth by the staff of Beach Park.

Beach Park staff will respond to property complaints received through the Village of Wadsworth. Furthermore, one day per week will be spent in the field to ensure properties are being kept up, that building projects have the proper permitting and to follow up with previous complaints/compliance actions.

As Beach Park already has an active and established code enforcement system, Wadsworth looked to partner with them for its own needs to ensure compliance with Village of Wadsworth codes and ordinances. Successful code enforcement programs, in many instances, require time, staff and continued follow-through. It is Wadsworth’s hope that by utilizing an already established system with a dedicated staff that is tasked to handle such matters, that code enforcement matters within our Village will be handled more efficiently.

The goal of this endeavor is to achieve compliance, not to produce revenue. Although it is probable that such a program will not pay for itself, it is the goal of the Village that a successful code enforcement program will produce a higher quality of life for all of our residents, as the upkeep of our properties goes hand in hand with the significant investment that we all made by choosing to call Wadsworth our home.

The Process

When a complaint is made to our Village, the matter will be referred to Beach Park staff. They will investigate the complaint to verify if any of our codes or ordinances are not being met. In all cases, efforts will be made to discuss the matter with the property owner/occupant first. Should the property owner not be at home/present, a door hanger will be left at the site that will ask the owner/occupant to call the code enforcement staff. In many instances, problems and concerns can be addressed simply by having a discussion on the phone or onsite between the property owner/occupant and code enforcement staff. Should corrective actions not get addressed or are ignored by the property owner, due process to the property owner will be given via letters and possible code violation citations. Appearances at the jointly administered Adjudication Court may also be directed by staff should the violation continue – in rare instances, relief may be sought at the Circuit Court level to ensure compliance with directives imposed at the Adjudication Court level or in cases where there is willful non-compliance.

The Village Board met with Beach Park staff last fall to prioritize the needs of the Village – based upon complaints received in recent memory or obvious issues that are noticeable as one drives around our Village. These priorities, in no particular order, pertain to the parking of motor vehicles and nuisance conditions. Below is a summary of existing Village Codes that addresses both of these topics.

As the winter weather begins to turn to spring, please keep these codes in mind when we are able to finally enjoy the outdoors and spend time outside when performing spring cleanup activities.

If you should have any questions about any of the above or regarding the Village’s codes and ordinances or code enforcement program, please don’t hesitate to contact the Village Hall at 847.336.7771; you may also send an email to

Inoperable/Abandoned/Unlicensed/Parked Vehicles (Sections 3-2, 4-1-2 and 6-5 of the Village Code)

- Inoperable and unlicensed vehicles shall not be kept in public view upon properties. Public view includes the view from the street as well as from neighboring properties. Such vehicles shall be stored in a garage or relocated off of the property. This applies to cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and the like.
- Recreational vehicles and recreational boats are permitted on properties provided that they do not exceed 30’ in length. Recreational vehicles and recreational boats that are in excess of 30’ in length shall be stored within a building or removed off of one’s property.
- Any inoperable, unlicensed or abandoned vehicle cannot be parked on any Village street, property or right of way at any time.
- On Village streets where “on-street” parking is permitted, motor vehicles cannot be parked on said street / right of way for a period longer than forty-eight (48) hours.
- Up to two (2) operable and licensed vehicles may be sold from private residential properties per year. Vehicles posted for sale must be parked on an improved paved surface.

Nuisance Conditions (Title 4 and Section 8-1 of the Village Code)

- Properties shall be kept free of rubbish, trash, junk as well as other abandoned materials.
- Grass on any developed lot cannot exceed 8” in height. Grass on empty lots cannot exceed 18” in height (except for woody stemmed plants). Noxious weeds shall also be pulled, cut or sprayed with an approved weed killer.
- The burning of weeds and landscape waste is permitted subject to the provisions of Section 4-5 of the Village Code. No off-site materials, including building materials, trash, etc. may be burned.
- Noise and vibrations generated from animals, electronic and non-electronic sources shall not be heard from adjacent/nearby properties.
- Properties shall be kept free of sources or substances that generate obnoxious odors (burning of leaves and landscape waste is permitted).
- Any building that is deemed to be dangerous, unsecured or abandoned (during construction) shall be removed, secured or repaired.
- All exterior property areas and the exterior of all structures shall be maintained in good repair.
- Buildings/properties shall have address markers/identifiers plainly legible and visible from the street fronting the property.

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