Frequently Asked Questions


 Can I burn leaves within the Village?

Yes, the burning of leaves and other landscape waste is permitted subject to restrictions per Section 4-5 of the Village Code:


Burning of leaves and other landscape waste is permitted in conformity with this chapter and except as may be prohibited from time to time by the village of Wadsworth.


Burning of leaves or other landscape waste is prohibited within one thousand feet (1,000') of any school when school is in session or pupils are present. 


A. No fire shall be left unattended, and no fire shall be allowed to grow so large as to pose a danger to the safety of any building, structure, or nearby trees.

B. No fire shall be set unless there is a ready source of sufficient water to extinguish it in the event of an emergency.

C. No fire shall be set when the winds are sufficiently powerful to create a substantial danger of the spread of the fire.

D. No fire shall be set within twenty five feet (25') of any building or other structure.

E. The code compliance officer or his designee shall have the right to require any fire to be extinguished when, in his judgment, a substantial danger of the fire's spreading exists.


No person shall burn any materials which he has brought or allowed to be brought onto his property from any other location. 


 Does the Village have a leash law concerning dogs?

Yes, dogs may not go on or enter any public or private property (other than property which is either owned or occupied by its owner) unless the dog is on a leash and under the control of its owner.  Allowing a dog to run "at large" is not permitted.

Please refer to Section 5-3 of the Village Code for more information.

 Does the Village have a Real Estate Transfer Tax?

The Village of Wadsworth does not have a real estate transfer tax nor is a pre-sale inspection required.  However, the Village suggests that interested parties contact us before any sale takes place in order to ensure that there are not any outstanding building permits associated with the property.  This will avoid the case of the Village having to work with the new property owner to close out a project that was permitted to the previous owner.

 Does the Village require vehicle stickers?

The Village does not require vehicle stickers.  However, as a convenience for our residents, Wadsworth vehicle stickers are available for purchase at Village Hall ($3; $1 for senior citizens).  Proof of residency is required.

 How can I obtain zoning information for a particular piece of property?

Please click here to be directed to the page that contains a copy (in PDF format) of the Village's Zoning Map.  After viewing the map, click on the Village Code tab on the menu bar to consult with Chapter 10 (Zoning Code) of the Village Code to view the specific zoning regulations for the particular zoning district in which the property is located.

 How many dogs/cats am I allowed to keep on my property?

The short answer is, no more than four (4) dogs or cats over the age of four (4) months in all Zoning Districts on properties that do not otherwise qualify as being a "kennel."

Pursuant to Section 10-2-3 of the Village Code, a "kennel" is also defined as any place at which there are more than four (4) dogs or cats over the age of four (4) months kept for any purpose.

Boarding and Commercial Kennels are permitted in the AG Zoning District, and also permitted pursuant to the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit in the B, LI, LI-1 and LI-2 Zoning Districts.  Kennels are not permitted in the SE, SR and SD Zoning Districts.

 How many horses (equines) may I have on my property?

First, private stables are only permitted in the AG, SE, SR, SD, LI-1 and LI-2 Zoning Districts on properties that are more than two (2) acres in size.

Village Code indicates that a lot for which a private stable is used shall contain at least two (2) acres for the first equine (horse, etc.) and at least one (1) additional acre for each additional equine.

In other words, two (2) acres of land are required for one (1) equine, three (3) acres for two (2) equines, four (4) acres for three (3) equines, and so on.

Private stables may exist in the B and CR Zoning Districts following the issuance of a Conditional Use Permit.  In the OR, LI and PL Zoning Districts, private stables are not permitted.

Please consult with Section 10-2-3 of the Village Code with regards to the definition of Private and Commercial Stables and Section 10-4-4 (Table 1) regarding Uses Permitted in Zones for further information.

 What is required to perform grading/filling activities upon my property?

Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) and Village regulations require that a permit be obtained for filling/grading activities that take place upon private properties.  Here is a listing of typical situations that will require a permit from the Village/SMC:

1. The project is in a floodplain or a flood prone area;
2. The project may impact a wetland;
3. The project will disturb more than 5000 square feet of soil;
4. The project will modify site drainage.

If you plan on performing any filling or grading activities, please call the Village first to determine applicable permit requirements.  A referral of the project to SMC may be required.

To find out more information about the natural resources/topography regarding your property, please click here.  SMC Watershed Development Permit information can be obtained by clicking here.

 What number do I call to report a power outage / streetlight outage?

With regards to a power outage, ComEd indicates that it is important that customers do not assume that they (ComEd) is already aware of their power outage.  Customers should call 1.800.334.7661 to use the voice-automated system to report outages so that ComEd can provide periodic updates, in many cases, though an automated callback system.

To report a streetlight outage in your area, citizens should call Wadsworth Village Hall at 847.336.7771; the Village asks that you provide the nature of the problem along with the specific location (property address) of the streetlight.  The Village will then relay this information over to ComEd.

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