Please submit the following minimum documentation to the Village of Wadsworth.  The Village will contact you when the completed building permit is ready to be issued.  Please note that incomplete or inaccurate application materials will significantly delay the permitting process.

1.  Complete the Village of Wadsworth Application for Building Permit.    

  • Any contractor performing work upon Village-owned property or right-of-way must submit a certificate of insurance that contains both general liability and workman’s compensation coverages that specifically names the Village of Wadsworth as an additional insured.  An indemnification agreement or waiver may also be required.
  • Roofing contractors must submit a copy of their State License to the Village.
  • Non-residential projects, the roofing contractor must have an "Unlimited" IL State Roofing License.

  • Homeowners are permitted to do their own roofing work on properties that they own (except multi-family dwellings).

  • A General Contractor may sub out roofing work, however, said sub contractor must be an IL Licensed Roofer.  Should this be the case, the following will also be required to be submitted to the Village:
    • Copy of contract between the General Contractor and the Sub Contractor;
    • Copy of Sub Contractor's Photo ID;
    • Surety Bond and Insurance of the Sub Contractor.
  • Copy of contract between property owner and roofing contractor. 


Note that any review and / or approval of the submitted plans and related documents does not imply that all errors and omissions are noted herein, nor does such a review and / or approval relieve the applicant from adhering to, and complying with, all applicable requirements and regulations found within the Village of Wadsworth’s Building Codes, Zoning Ordinances, and other pertinent codes, requirements, and regulations.   


Please see the current list of the Village’s Adopted Building Codes.


Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act (225 ILCS 335/)

Official Website of Wadsworth, Illinois