Garage & Vehicle Sales

Permits are not required to have a garage sale upon one's own residential property, or, if one would like to sell a vehicle from their own residential property.

However, the following guidelines do apply for all garage and vehicle sales in the Village:

Section 3-2 of the Wadsworth Village Code:



Garage sales shall be allowed in any residential district without a permit, provided that no more than two (2) garage sales shall be conducted on a zoning lot in any calendar year. The sales must be incidental to the use of the property for residential purposes and must be conducted in such a manner as to be compatible with the residential character of the neighborhood.

3-2-1-2: DURATION:
No garage sale shall be conducted for longer than four (4) consecutive days in duration.

3-2-1-3: TIME:
Sales events may be conducted during daylight hours only.

3-2-1-4: SIGNS:
No more than two (2) signs may be used to advertise a permitted garage sale event. Such signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area and must be located within the boundaries of the zoning lot on which the sale takes place or on other private property, with the consent of the owner.


Temporary sales of vehicles shall comply with the following conditions:

A. Only permitted in residential zoning districts and only on a zoning lot containing a residential dwelling unit;

B. Only one fully operable vehicle may be sold on a zoning lot at any given time;

C. Only two (2) vehicles may be sold on a zoning lot during the course of a rolling calendar year;

D. For this section, a "vehicle" shall be defined as a noncommercial automobile or recreational vehicle that is generally of the same size or smaller than a pickup truck, van, or sport utility vehicle typically associated with residentially generated transportation needs;

E. Vehicles must be registered to the address on which it is to be located for sale in the village of Wadsworth;

F. Vehicles must be displayed on an improved, paved surface;

G. For sale vehicles may be located within thirty feet (30') of a ROW line provided appropriate sightlines are maintained for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians but in no case closer than ten feet (10') to a ROW line;

H. Two (2) "For Sale" signs not exceeding three (3) square feet each may be displayed within the windows along with the contact information, and writing shall not be directly painted on the vehicle or on the windows.


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