Snow Removal Information

Residents and business owners should keep the following Village policies in mind with regards to parking on Village streets or when removing snow from one’s driveway during times of snow removal within the Village:


It shall be unlawful to leave a vehicle unattended on a public street in the Village following a snowfall requiring snow removal and any vehicle left unattended on a public street in the Village following a snowfall requiring snow removal by the Village shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle. An abandoned motor vehicle as referred to in this Section shall be deemed a hazard to the public health, safety and welfare and shall be subject to immediate removal by Village authorities without prior notice and hearing.


A. Parking: It shall be unlawful for a motor vehicle, unattended by a driver, to be parked upon the public right of way of any street in the village within a forty eight (48) hour period following a two inch (2") snowfall.

B. Snow From Driveways, Etc.: It shall be unlawful for snow removal from private driveways or public rights of way to be deposited on the paved or traveled portion of any public street or right of way in the village.

Note: Residents should direct their personal snowplow contractors to clean the street following the removal of snow from their driveways.  The streaks left in the street create hazardous driving conditions and impede the snow removal efforts of Village roadways. Where possible, please try to keep plowed driveway snow upon your private property; if plowed snow is deposited upon the right of way adjacent to a private property other than yours, be mindful to not to disturb the shoulder or grass areas that are maintained by others.

C. Penalty: Any violation of this section shall subject the violator to the penalties set forth in Section 1-4-1 of (the Village Code).


- The Village nor its snow removal contractor will not be responsible for any damage done to private property left in Village roadways and public rights-of-way (such as basketball hoops, flower planters, concrete curbed driveways and the like), as such items are not permitted within these areas.  Please make an effort to ensure that such items are removed prior to the snowplowing season.  Further, the Village, nor its contractor, will not repair rights-of-way that become damaged by private snowplow contractors.

- Damaged mailboxes shall be reported to Village Hall.  Correctly installed/maintained mailboxes are subject to repair or reimbursement, while others may not be (Village Code 8-6).  Damaged masonry mailboxes will only be reimbursed up to $100, as such mailboxes are no longer permitted as they are a safety issue.

- Residents should please report all problems/issues regarding snow removal directly to Village Hall.  Village staff will forward the concern directly to our contractor.  During non-business hours, please report snowplowing/salting issues that require immediate attention (safety related) to the Lake County Sheriff at 847.549.5200.  Otherwise, issues that can wait can be reported via email HERE.

DIAL 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. 

If anyone should have any questions or comments about any of the above or regarding snow removal in general, please don't hesitate to contact Village Hall at 847.336.7771.


In Wadsworth, there are Village, Township, County and State roads.  Each road group (listed below) is plowed by a different entity.  Here's how it all works:

The Lake County Division of Transportation (847.377.7498) is responsible for these roads:
- Wadsworth Road
- Kilbourne Road
- Delany Road (southerly of Illinois Route 173)
- Dilleys Road (southerly of Wadsworth Road)
- Yorkhouse Road
- 21st Street (easterly of Delany Road)
- Russell Road
- Hunt Club Road (southerly of Illinois Route 173)
- Milburn Road

The Illinois Department of Transportation (847.705.4612) is responsible for these roads:
- U.S. Highway 41
- Illinois Route 173
- Old 41/Skokie Highway
- Frontage Road (near I-94 RV)
- Green Bay Road (IL-131)

The Newport Township Road District (847.812.9546) is responsible for these roads:
- Roads adjacent to Unincorporated Areas (on both sides of the road) within Newport Township.

The Village of Wadsworth (847.336.7771) is responsible for these roads:
- Local roads that do not include the above within the  Village's jurisdictional limits.

The Village of Wadsworth has an intergovernmental agreement with the Newport Township Road District that provides for snowplowing services by the Road District of certain Village roads.  Additionally, the Village has an intergovernmental agreement with the Village of Beach Park that provides for the swapping of plowing responsibility of certain roadways which promotes efficiencies within certain plowing routes.

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