Wadsworth Farmer's Market


Unfortunately the Farmer's Market has been canceled for the summer of 2021.


Contact: Wadsworth Farmer's Market Manager at WFM using the @villageofwadsworth.org domain.

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Wadsworth Farmer's Market Overview (2020)

The aim of both the Village of Wadsworth and the Wadsworth Farmer's Market (WFM) Management is to create a safe, enjoyable, and profitable market for both the participating vendors and their customers.  The vendors should have a safe and pleasant environment in which to sell their goods and services, and the customers should be able to purchase fresh, top-quality goods and services not readily available in local grocery stores and businesses. 

The Village and WFM Management are determined, with your help, to make our annual market a financial and communal success.  We understand the need for publicity to make the WFM known to the wider community.  We will therefore regularly update our websites and Facebook pages, put up posters, and distribute handouts, etc.  You can help support our WFM by putting applicable information on your own websites, distributing our handouts, and telling your customers when you will be at our WFM.  We will also provide and host special events and entertainment to bring in new customers.  If you have any particular suggestions regarding applicable demonstrations, events, or entertainment, we would be delighted to receive them.  To do so, please contact the WFM Manager at WFM@villageofwadsworth.org.

In 2020, the WFM will be held on Wednesdays, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., from July 8th through September 30th, 2020.  The WFM will be located in Wadsworth Community Park, which is adjacent to Wadsworth’s Village Hall, near the high traffic intersection of Wadsworth and Delany Roads in Wadsworth, IL (address: 14155 West Wadsworth Road, Wadsworth, IL 60083).  Amenities include a children's playground, a large covered picnic shelter, limited electricity, plenty of parking, and four port-a-potties.

A Producer’s / Grower’s Market

The WFM is a producer’s / grower’s market.  Accordingly, vendors will offer for sale various articles for consumption, such as fruits, vegetables, edible grains, nuts and berries, apiary products, herbs, maple sugars, ciders, syrups, and / or non-edible articles such as cut, potted, or dried flowers, or plant materials, all of which have been raised and / or grown by the producers, members of their families, or by persons in their employ.

The WFM recognizes that some farm produce cannot be successfully grown in our area, such as blueberries, peaches, etc., and thus the WFM will allow up to 20% of a grower's produce to be purchased from other growers in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan.  However, the purchased produce must have clear signage as to its origin, both the state and the grower.

Vendors who self-craft all of the items in their booths, such as clothing, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, baskets, woodworks, etc., may also participate in our WFM. 

Vendors who personally create perishable / non-edible products, such as handmade soaps, candles, etc., and / or who provide services like knife sharpening or tailoring, are also welcome in the WFM.

Finally, vendors who provide food prepared either on-site or off-site for immediate consumption or for take-out, in compliance with the Lake County Health Department’s rules and regulations, may set up within the WFM.



The WFM will allow some non–producers, such as Pampered Chef, Nothing Bundt Cakes, etc. (called commercial vendors), to sell at the WFM at a 10:3 ratio (that is, 10 producer vendors to 3 commercial vendors).
  The commercial vendors may participate on a first-come, first-served basis, providing products or services that are deemed suitable for a farmer’s market by the WFM Management.  Commercial vendors who apply will be notified when the required number of producer vendors has been attained.  Refunds will be issued to all commercial vendors whose applications are not accepted.


Service Organizations


Local not-for-profit service organizations are also invited to participate in the WFM, subject to demand and availability, at no cost.  The organization is subject to all of the WFM’s rules.  Furthermore, the organization may not sell any items or services that compete with those of the participating vendors.  Such organizations must submit a written application requesting specific participation dates.

Stall Assignments, Set-Up and Clean-Up

Vendors must supply their own furnishings, tents, canopies, tables, chairs, etc.  The WFM Management will assign all of the stalls to the vendors.  The WFM Management will consider the nature of the merchandise or services sold and then assign the stalls accordingly.  Vendors who have committed to full-season participation will have priority at the same location.  At the discretion of WFM Management, stall location changes during the season are possible.  Stall set-up is from 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., and take down is at 7:00 p.m.  All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their stalls and placing any waste in the provided containers before leaving.  Vendors will be charged for any damages to public or private property for which they are responsible.  Finally, vendors failing to comply with these assignment, set-up, and clean-up rules may be prohibited from participation in future markets. 


WFM Participation Costs


The applicable costs for WFM participants are as follows:



$10 per week.


$15 per week.


Weekly Vendor:

You must register for the requested date(s) at least ten (10) days in advance.

$10 per week for a producer; and $15 per week for a commercial vendor.


Please know that a considerable amount of preparation time and effort has gone into planning and creating the WFM.  We encourage, and are willing to take under advisement, any suggestions that you may have to improve our WFM in the future.  Please feel free to contact the WFM Management with any questions or suggestions at: WFM@villageofwadsworth.org


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