New Construction

Please submit the following minimum documentation to the Village of Wadsworth.  The Village will contact you when the completed building permit is ready to be issued.  Please note that incomplete or inaccurate application materials will significantly delay the permitting process.

1.  Building Plans – Two (2) sets of plans.  Include the following minimum requirements:

  • Drawn to scale (preferably at a quarter inch);
  • When trusses are used, a certified truss design from the manufacturer must be at the site when the building inspection is scheduled;
  • Provide construction detail for the proposed construction and for any associated walkways,  buildings, etc.; and
  • Show the electrical installations per the applicable National Electrical Code requirements.


 2.  Plat of Survey – Two (2) full-sized surveys.  Include the following minimum requirements:

  • Prepared by an Illinois-registered land surveyor;
  • Surveyor seal must be shown and signed;
  • Include a legal description of the property;
  • Show all of the current improvements (that is, buildings, pavements, septic location, fences, etc.) already on the property;
  • Show all of the existing and proposed roadways, ditches, drainage easements, and utilities, where applicable;
  • Show all of the setback distances between the structures and property lines;
  • Show all of the easements and deed restricted areas; and
  • If using a site plan instead of a plat of survey, then the site plan must have a seal.


3.  Complete the Village of Wadsworth Application for Building Permit.    

  • Any contractor performing work upon Village-owned property or right-of-way must submit a certificate of insurance that contains both general liability and workman’s compensation coverages that specifically names the Village of Wadsworth as an additional insured.  An indemnification agreement or waiver may also be required.
  • Roofers, plumbers, well drillers, and any other contractor that is exclusively licensed by the State of Illinois must submit a copy of their State License to the Village; and
  • Per the Illinois Plumbing Code, licensed plumbing contractors are required, and they must submit copies of their 055- and 058- state licenses, along with an original Letter of Intent, with the filed Village permit application.


4.  Complete the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) Application for Property Alteration/Addition, and then submit to the Village a copy of any subsequently issued LCHD Permit approving the location of the additional structure.


5.  Any applicant for a proposed building, structure, or project that disturbs over 5,000 square feet of area must also apply for and receive a Watershed Development Permit from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, which is located at 500 West Winchester Road, Libertyville, Illinois 60048.  The applicable telephone number is: (847) 377-7700.


Note that any review and/or approval of the submitted plans and related documents does not imply that all errors and omissions are noted herein, nor does such a review and / or approval relieve the applicant from adhering to, and complying with, all applicable requirements and regulations found within the Village of Wadsworth’s Building Codes, Zoning Ordinances, and other pertinent codes, requirements, and regulations.   


Please see the current list of the Village’s Adopted Building Codes.

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