Village Information - Organizational Structure





The Village of Wadsworth is a non-home rule municipality organized under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Illinois; the Village incorporated in 1962.  Village operations include local planning and zoning administration; the regulation and management of building construction activities; the operation and maintenance of public buildings, parks, and open spaces; maintenance of public roadways and rights of way; and local government administration.  The Village’s fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30.  FY 2022-2023 total expenses for all funds were $2,443,118.


Village Hall is located at 14155 West Wadsworth Road, Wadsworth, Illinois 60083.  The Village has four (4) full-time employees and two (2) part-time employees.


The President (Mayor) and Board of Trustees are elected at large for four (4)-year terms.  Their terms are staggered (President, 3 Trustees / 3 Trustees).  The Village Board formulates policy, oversees the Village and is responsible to the citizens of Wadsworth.  The current Village Board members include Village President Fred Witte; Trustees Millie Corder, Ben Dolan, Ken Furlan, Geralyn Hansen, Bob Hayden, and Matt Polheber. The Village Clerk is appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Village Board of Trustees. The Village Clerk is Darlene Roback.  The Village Administrator and Treasurer positions are appointed; Pat DiPersio is the Village Administrator and the Village Treasurer position is currently vacant.




Zoning Board of Appeals/Plan Commission: Judy Adams, Chair, David Hatton, Matt Nordigian, Doug Jacobs, Rob Schreiner, Rick Standriff and Michael Rumney


Village Board Committees:


Finance:  Matt Polheber, Geralyn Hansen, Robert Hayden


Road & Bridge: Ben Dolan, Geralyn Hansen, Matt Polheber


Planning, Zoning and Plats: Robert Hayden, Ken Furlan, Ben Dolan


Parks & Village Hall: Mildred Corder, Robert Hayden, Ken Furlan


Ordinance: Ken Furlan, Mildred Corder, Ben Dolan


Public Service: Geralyn Hansen, Mildred Corder, Matt Polheber


The Village has the following general categories of records, which are available as required by the Freedom of Information Act: minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, building files, financial records, and general information files.  Requests for public records shall be directed to a Village FOIA Officer (Village Administrator or Village Clerk) at Village Hall and may be obtained by filling out a Freedom of Information form.  The fee for copies of public records is $.15 per page for photocopying (first 50 pages are free).




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